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Bolts: the head and Screw (cylinder with external thread) A class of two-part fasteners, nuts with the need and for fastening with a hole connecting the two parts.
This form of said bolted connections. If the nuts from the bolts unScrewed, it can separate the two parts, so are removable bolted connections.
Because the bolt is also a railway parts, railway components is an integral part of the railway line, referred to here the track, including rails, sleepers, link components, ballast, anti-climb devices, such as rail support and turnout. As an overall project structure, track laying on top of the embankment, plays the guiding role of trains, rolling stock and loads directly to bear enormous pressure. Dynamic role in the train, it’s various components must have sufficient strength and stability, to ensure the maximum train speed in accordance with regulations, safe, smooth and uninterrupted operation.
Bolts Category
1, by way of connecting the force, with the ordinary and articulation hole’s. Articulation hole of the bolt and the hole size to match, when used by the lateral force.
2, according to the head shape of hexagon head, round, and square head, countersunk head, and so forth general requirements Shen head connected with the smooth surface without protruding parts, because the countersunk head Screw to the part where you can. Round parts can be Screwed into the inside. Square head tightening force can be bigger, but is large, hexagonal head is the most common.
In addition to meet the needs of lock installation, there is a hole in the head, the pole has holes, these holes can not bolt from loosening under vibration.
Some did not Screw bolt of light pole be conducted carefully and call waist bolts. This bolt help by changing the connection strength.
There are special high strength bolts steel. The head will be bigger and more. Size is changing.
Another special use of: T-shaped slot bolts, clamps on the most widely used tool, special shape, on both sides to cut off his head. Anchor bolts for machines and ground connections fixed, there are many shapes, U-shaped bolt and so on.
There are special stud welding, a threaded one did not, you can solder the parts on the other side directly nut.