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Stainless steel products locked phenomenon

Stainless steel products locked in

Stainless steel has better scalability, but the hardness of steel and a certain gap. Austenitic stainless steel grade 316 standard A4-80 can only be achieved in practice the hardness of the hardness levels of carbon equivalent to 8.8.
Lock (Thread Galling, or killed) in the surface of the injury, the metal surface in a thin layer of oxide, to prevent further more in-depth corrosion. When stainless steel fasteners were locked, between the teeth profile generated by the pressure and heat would destroy and erase the meantime the chromium oxide layer, made of metal teeth profiling directly in obstruction / cut, then in Mount phenomenon, will make stainless steel Fasteners completely locked, can no longer be unloaded or locked.
1, not the right choice in the use of products should be preceded confirm whether the mechanical properties of products to meet the demand for the use (such as the screw and nut tensile strength of the security load).
2, dental profiling or foreign body Zhannian rough spot where metal and other debris inclusion in the tooth profile, often lead to lock.
3, forced or locked up too fast too because the electric locking wrench often leads to excessive speed, temperature rapidly rising locked.
4, SHI Li wrong direction point of the nut must be perpendicular to the screw axis of rotation of conduct, tilt operation easily lead to lock.
5, did not use washers washer / Dangquan can effectively prevent the use of the tight lock problems.
Improvement can be locked from the main aspects to consider:
1. The right choice:
a. before the first confirmation in the use of the mechanical properties of the products to meet the requirements of use (such as nuts and bolts of the tensile strength of the security load);
b. bolt the length of choice should be appropriate to reveal Nut Xuan Jin after 1-2 months, whichever is from the teeth;
c. work with different levels of screws and nuts, such as 304 with 316, etc.;
d. use washers.
2. Before use to note:
a. thread must remain clean;
b. the use of appropriate before adding lubricants (such as: 40 # oil, butter, graphite, etc.) to internal and external lubrication teeth profiling.
3. Correct methods of operation:
a. nut must be perpendicular to the screw axis of rotation of conduct, not tilt;
b. In Xuanjin process, SHI Li must be uniform, the security force should not exceed torque value;
c. Selection of torque wrenches, as far as possible or wrenches, avoid the use of activities wrench or electric wrenches;
d. use in high-temperature state to be cooling, and when not to use the fast rotation, so as to avoid the rapid rise in temperature led to lock (such as electric wrenches, etc.);
e. the use of coating ordinary nut, is an effective lubrication, processed nuts, equivalent to more than a layer of lubricating film.