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Why would 304 stainless steel with magnetic?

Why would 304 stainless steel with magnetic ?

People often think that magnet adsorption stainless steel materials, verify its authenticity and quality, not becoming non-magnetic, that is good and true; have magnetic suction, that is counterfeit fakes. In fact, this is an extremely one-sided and does not effectively distinguish the wrong way.

The wide range of stainless steel, at room temperature by organizational structure can be divided into several categories:
1. Austenitic type: If 304,321,316,310;
2. Martensite or iron-Size: If 430,420,410;

Austenitic-type is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, or martensite ferrite is magnetic.
Usually used for decoration of the stainless steel plate is the majority of the 304 austenitic material, generally is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, but smelting fluctuations caused by chemical composition or the processing status of different magnetic properties may also appear, but it can not be considered counterfeit or Failure, which is why it »

Austenite is the above-mentioned non-magnetic or weak magnetic, and martensite or ferrite is magnetic, because when smelting component segregation or improper heat treatment, will result in a small number of austenitic 304 martensitic stainless steel or iron - Body. In this way, with 304 stainless steel will be in a weak magnetic.

In addition, 304 stainless steel after cold, organizational structure will be transformed to martensite, cold deformation of the bigger, more martensite transformation, the greater the magnetic properties of steel. Like a number of the strip, the production Φ76, no significant magnetic sense, the production Φ9.5. Ling bending deformation due to larger magnetic sense of some of the obvious, the production side of the rectangular tube because of the amount of deformation, especially Angular part, deformation more intense magnetic more obvious.

To completely eliminate the causes of the 304 magnetic, high-temperature solution treatment can be opened to restore stability austenitic organizations, thereby eliminating magnetic.

In particular, we should point out is that because of the above causes the magnetic properties of 304 stainless steel, stainless steel and other materials, such as 430, the magnetic properties of carbon steel is not the same level, meaning that 304 of the magnetic always shows the weak magnetic. This has told us that if stainless steel with weak magnetic or completely non-magnetic, should determine material for 304 or 316, if the magnetic properties of carbon steel and the same, showing that the strong magnetic, not 304 as a result of discrimination material. Sometimes, we can see that customers buy the stainless steel screws, a Xitie Dan will bring to the size of the magnetic properties of stainless steel, in fact, the practice is unscientific. In fact, the stainless steel in the normal state is not magnetic, after a slight magnetic Cold Working processing, only in a vacuum state can be completely non-magnetic.

Common material: 304 M after a slight cold magnetic (1.6 u-2.0u around); 304 HC for the magnetic (1.01 u-1.6u around); 316 magnetic material cold after less than 1.01 u. The materials have good scalability, easy cold molding, tensile strength, yield strength, can meet the requirement. As long as you use in accordance with the actual requirements, and correct choice of products, I believe we can meet your needs. After the cold of the magnetic material from weak to strong order:
316 <304HC <304M.